2022 DNR Fish Survey Underway

2022 DNR Fish Survey Underway

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is performing a routine survey of the Nemahbin Lakes fishery.  This includes the placement of fyke nets to sample the lakes (Lower Nemahbin, Upper Nemahbin, and Lower Nashotah) to assess the health of the fish population.  You may have noticed a number of buoys placed around the lakes labeled “DNR”.  The buoys mark the locations of the fyke nets.  Benjamin Heussner, Fisheries Biologist at the DNR’s office in Eagle, confirms the methods used are similar to those used in 2016, the last time a survey was conducted. 

The 2016 fisheries report is available on the LNLA website under “About the Lake”. www.lowernemahbin.com 

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